My Life’s Mission and Purpose is ‘Being A Source of Love and Truth.’

Love – the essence of all that is. What we discover when all that we thought we were is no longer convincing. The love that creates and destroys universes. Entirely distinct from the sentimental attachment, conditional emotionality or personal preference which we often use the same word to describe. Other words for Love, equally misunderstood, might be God, Consciousness, Awareness Itself, Pure Being, Source Energy, That Which Is, All That Is, Life, and so on. Beyond thought and emotion, you and I, are Love.

Truth – That Which Is before, beyond and within words. The origin and end of all phenomena. That which, when all words, thoughts, emotions, identification etc falls away is directly experienced. It is what we are (and thus not, in truth, an ‘it’, so much as ‘this’). When this Truth is directly experienced in a human being we will tend to observe, much of the time, humility, compassion, selflessness, joy and an unconditional loving kindness. How these qualities show up may or may not match our idea of how they should. Truth is paradoxical and, at once, paradoxically, beyond all relative dualities. On a relative level I wish to help people understand what is true and real and support the creation of a more just and functional human community.
What does ‘Being a source of Love and Truth’ in the world look like?

(Trans)Personally – I mostly live as joyful, spacious presence, naturally and effortlessly loving and compassionate in response to all experience, whether ‘external’ or ‘internal’. Ultimately, I have seen, all is ‘internal’; the experience of inner and outer is a wonderful illusion, much like time, space and ‘me’ none of which have any intrinsic reality. However such qualities of experience being essentially illusory does not diminish their utility nor relative reality within this realm. To see illusion does not require denying its validity or veracity within experience. Awakening from the dream of separation we can begin to re-dream our reality through conscious envisioning and joy.

I remember my being is an individuated aspect of the infinite and eternal within which a separate self experience arises. Rather than believing I am this separate self experience and thus imagining opinions, ideas of what should be, and so on, are of intrinsic importance I realise I am, most truly, the silent Presence within which all such phenomena arise. I embrace the darkness within me that there be minimal projection of my own shadow upon the world and that there be nothing ‘out there’ which I cannot love due to having refused to own it in my experience. I let go of my or anyone else’s idealised self-image of how awakened presence should show up. I offer loving presence to fear, anger, greed and any other residual symptoms of separation that may still arise.

Interpersonally – I embody this purpose in my being particularly whilst in the presence of others. Through experiencing Unity, Freedom and Joy others are inclined to notice This within themselves or at least have the curiosity for the ‘something more’ they have long sensed kindled and, by grace, their own unfolding catalysed. I facilitate, guide and inspire this unfolding of Love/Joy/Bliss in people I spend time with, in whatever capacity, so far as they are ready. I offer one on one sessions and Radical Gratitude Playshops globally with this purpose in mind. I remember an encounter with a shop assistant or lovingly meeting the eyes of another on the street is itself an opportunity to be a source of Love and Truth. I remember that all are master teachers, expressions of the Whole, essentially divine and that whatever I see of you is often nothing but a projection of myself. I keep in mind that whilst the essence of this unfolding in each of us may be the same, how it shows up is wonderfully varied . I desire to witness you realising what you really are, turn you on to your moment to moment creative power, inspire the fullest sharing of your unique gifts, the defining and living of your life’s purpose and the creation of a more loving and true world. Because it’s fun! Please, do me a favour, if you ever see me taking myself or life seriously, tickle me. This game of life and death is, as Oscar Wilde said, ‘far too important to take seriously’!

Collectively – I give time and energy in support of the formation of community, companies and any other forms which will bring more Love and Truth into this world.

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