Though we experience awakening, paradoxically, as happening to me, at least a shift that can be said to have occurred in an individual’s life, it is in truth simply consciousness awakening to itself through you and me.

Within separation thinking, one person awakening to the truth of unitive consciousness, is just one person awakening.

Within unitive consciousness, one person awakening is everyone awakening. Thus the Mahayana story , when the Buddha awakened the whole world awakened. Or, in a perhaps easier to grasp notion, when the one blue tit bird worked out that you could tap into the milk beneath the metal top, every blue tit did.

Time and space are constructs within consciousness and as such consciousness is not subject to time and space. The non locality and primacy of consciousness are two scientific facts, that one day more scientists will be intelligent enough and sufficiently courageous to proclaim and extrapolate. Thus will we have a cultural narrative of Unity to accompany our realization as One Infinite Consciousness.

Meantime, our realization as That Which Is, one with All That Is – and our moment to moment embodiment of this – is a contribution to world peace. These thoughts cam to me whilst watching ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ , a true story documentary/drama about the soviet officer who chose not to press the button in 1983 when data suggested American missiles incoming. Each side was fearful of the others attack, and willing to attack in ‘self-defense’.

Do you recognize this MADness? Have you seen this dance in your own consciousness?
For this is but the ego drama played out upon the world stage.

Thus ACIM teachings such as ‘ in our defenselessness we are free from harm ‘ take on a global significance.

Make no mistake , each time you choose not to react, to remain as peace whilst the ego imagines threat and plots attack, you are awakening and undoing the collective psychosis.

Don’t press the button, prioritize inner peace, love, love, love – and a new world is born.

That’s the game we are playing upon planet earth right now. Your awakening has everything and nothing to do with who you think you are, and everything to do with who we are becoming as a species.

To BE selfless Love ends the MADness

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