There is only perfection unfolding. This is not a value judgment. That is, it is not to say that, for example, the holocaust, or child abuse or losing someone you love is ‘not bad or imperfect but is in fact good and perfect’. It is to see entirely without the filter of good or bad, imperfect or perfect. It is to see without the artifice of value judgments. Not because one should but because one does;  it is not a value judgment against value judgments. It is, quite simply seeing things as they are rather than from the narrow point of view of me, including as it does, ideas such as past, future, and drives as avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. It is a truth, like all, that can only be experienced. An easy way to elicit such  an experience is to first gather together all the stuff you would find hard to accept the perfection of, such as a few common examples included  above. I would encourage you to look for your greatest pain, your most intense suffering and include that too. Now see yourself as a character in a film and try 3 different perspective adjustments.

Firstly rewind until before you were born. How does all the horror, pain and so on seem now?

Secondly fast forward until you are dead. How does all the horror, pain and so on seem now?

Thirdly, if there is still attachment to the belief that some events are out of place or should not be, zoom out from yourself. See yourself as a body in the room or in the field or garden, see the location within the town, within the county, within the country, see the earth as blue jewel in a sea of black, see the galaxy, see the other 500 billion galaxies, see galaxies imploding upon themselves and being born, keep going until you see nothing. Glancing back at your view of life on earth, your life, your list of good and bad, do you see anything out of place?! I hope you are enjoying the laughter that generally accompanies the realisation that every stress or suffering was entirely something one made up. Which is all perfection unfolding, nothing to make wrong here.

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumour I had a deep sense of this perfection unfolding and other characters in the play seemed to be taking it unnecessarily seriously. Which was perfect of course. I would not have preferred the doctor who told me cared less or had less of a troubled look on her face as she informed a 31 year old man his chances of dying in the next year just increased 100 fold. I keep emphasising it really is all perfection unfolding because a common reaction to such a view is to dispute it or make it a judgment upon the lack of judgments, which is really a very funny way for perfection to unfold. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, just sharing a perspective that has oodles of peace and joy as side-effects and zero suffering. In case you are interested in such realities for your own journey. Whether you are or are not, of course, you’ re probably getting the idea now, is just perfection unfolding.

When I was told the tumour had probably grown a little I was more caught up in the me character, identified with the voice in my head and perceive problem as I had begun to invest in the story of a self-induced healing being allowed and this seemed contradictory.

When I was told a few months later that there had definitely been some expansion, of brain anomaly, funnily enough, inversely proportional to a contraction of consciousness into the more limited , more ‘me’ worldview that had largely resumed for much of the last few months,  and that I might be wise to have surgery, I perceived imperfection. Not least because, and this is funny, because it would really fuck with my plans for the next few months, not being able to fly for a while and all. How hilarious right?! The imperfection seemed to centre around not death might be coming sooner than I had hoped but my plans were now in question! Which is the only real problem with death – it really fucks with your plans. I have noticed this quite often along the way – it’s the messing with plans that is far more problematic for my mind than thoughts of not being or whatever. Not least because not being is clearly impossible. Thought and form end, what I am is infinite. So that’s the ‘problem’ of death resolved. If only it did not fuck with the illusion of control, of being the one who plans 🙂

So, I created some suffering for myself around this news there have been some adjustments in my brain in a way that was absent at diagnosis. I even indulged in some self-pity for an hour or two. It was no more fun than the last time I tried it. A little egoic wriggling and adjusting to the new story and then a complete surrender of the illusory self to the vastness of this perfection and it was seen once again what is always true, there’s only perfection unfolding. I find some questions can be helpful in allowing this clarity to resume. What’s the opportunity/gift here? What if I had created this? And in a flash I realised the two lessons/learnings I had intuited clearly over the last months were mine to be working with right now.

Number one – Trust. To trust life, not in the sense that it will always work out as my ego would prefer it, but true trust, knowing, realising there is a hidden order, the implicate order to borrow David Bohm’s term, a wisdom which knows what I truly need. This intelligence that serves who I am best and far more accurately than my puny conscious mind is able to. And what an opportunity to practise this trust and to surrender to this vastness that I may access my greatest power; alignment with That Which Is.

Number two – to cease planning but to allow life to unfold through me , as it will do anyway, prior to and transcendent to the ideas I come up with as to what might be nice to happen next. Not to mention with a far superior imagination and exquisite execution of such beautifully intricate unfoldings as I could not hope to script in a million years.

So, in inviting the possibility that this too was perfection unfolding, the perfection showed just how perfect it was that even my conscious mind could see, there’s only perfection unfolding.



Such a perspective can give rise to a vision of an anodyne dull reality. Often we see the ‘spiritual teacher’ pushing this view as the ‘truth’, expressing it as ‘nothing matters’ (because it’s all perfection) and this is, to an extent, true. For it is indeed all a play, a wonderful movie within which we play our roles. Yet, watch a movie and try maintaining your realisation that it’s just made up; it destroys the experience that so many have given so much to create. Thus even if this view has been grasped, nothing changes. We embrace life and feel every twist and turn fully. For it is more fun to feel the imperfections as if they were really imperfections. It is ultimately equally true that whilst nothing matters, everything matters. Each thought, emotion, feeling, focus of attention, belief and all the rest is our contribution to the script unfolding through us.

Another misunderstanding is that this realisation, an emergent property of consciousness being experienced by more and more, points to inaction or passivity when it comes to the suffering , horror and lunacy we see all around us. Which it may well do. Yet at once, the opposite is true. For within unity we find we actually have power as agents of change. In putting down our childish opinions we harmonise with life itself. And thus as life itself we can more easily be an expression of its next stage of evolution. To paraphrase the humanist psychotherapist Carl Rogers, who was speaking of personal inner change, the same being true macrocosmically, in accepting everything as it is, we can change it. For in acceptance, in surrender, in realising this always perfect unfolding, we unite with that which is, become once again that which is. To be this perfection realised is infinitely more powerful and influential than the separate self writhing with ideas of how things should be. Eventually we see, we can’t beat life, so we join it, by realising we are it. And the fun begins.

Perfect 😉

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