Radical Gratitude​

Radical Gratitude

What I have come to term Radical Gratitude was born in a moment of inspired insight arising from desperate confusion.

In my early 20s the experience of what is commonly called ‘depression’ arose once again. Noticing the agonised resistance to feeling this pain again it became clear that wishing it was not there, resisting it, had never worked. Resisting in fact created suffering on top of the pain. Was there another way ? I intuited there was and through gritted teeth at first, thinking it crazy, I faced this contraction and painful feeling and, thanked it for showing up. My world changed in this moment. My suffering ceased. I experienced more deeply the truth that the view I take of the world being a primary determinant of the world I experience. I saw more clearly my thoughts, beliefs and feelings are a determinant of not only my experience of life, but of what is to be experienced. Ultimately I came to see there is no separation between my experience of life and life’s form. For what is considered to be ‘reality’ is, quite clearly, only ever a perception within awareness. I have since applied this approach to such phenomena as being diagnosed with a brain tumour. As a consequence I experienced zero stress or suffering from the diagnosis. I have not yet completely lost my capacity to create suffering – I continue to be a student of Radical Gratitude.

Once this capacity to change our outer circumstance by first changing our inner world has become clear in personal experience it is easy to see how to play our part in planetary transformation. Radical Gratitude equips individuals with the capacity to end their own suffering and to change our world by accelerating the change in their own consciousness.

Radical Gratitude points to a helpful way of responding to life and improving the quality of experience.  In exploration we enjoy the ever deepening experience of unity, realising we are a cocreative aspect of life itself as the illusion of separation falls away.

So, what is Radical Gratitude?

You can engage with Radical Gratitude at many levels:

1. To begin with it is a psychological technique to experience more happiness. It is a training of the mind to notice what brings happiness.

2. It is a manifesation tool which allows more of what you want – for while ‘what we resist persists, what we appreciate, appreciates.’

3. It is a simple way to cease suffering from painful emotional experience and support the integration and release of these emotions.

4. It is a short path to discover the gift and opportunity within life’s challenges.

5. With practise and grace it becomes a bridge from separation and suffering into Unity and Joy – it’s a path to the realisation of unitive or nondual consciousness.

So whilst 1 and 2 begin with simply being grateful for what we enjoy and value, 3-5 is where gratitude gets radical! We begin to apply it to everything.

Radical Gratitude is completely free from dogma or requirement for any belief other than in your own power to alter your experience. Anyone can benefit from utilising this approach to life.

As we play be aware of the tendancy to should on ourselves. It is not that we should be grateful. Experiment in the spirit of play and with self-compassion. If we are playing with applying gratitude to all experience and notice resistance we simply feel gratitude for the resistance. In this way we disengage the very mechanism by which we suffer – the belief in being a separate self.

Radical Gratitude Playshops

Radical Gratitude Playshops are an integrated learning experience presenting cutting edge science, ancient wisdom and various transformative psycho-spiritual practices in an easy to understand and apply format. Mind, body and heart are all engaged to facilitate life-changing breakthroughs. Humour and experiential enquiry guides participants to a deeper realisation of how our posture with life creates our life experience and circumstance. This enquiry allows transformation through presence, emotional integration and deepened spiritual awakening. The Playshops are a fun and transformative experience designed to launch a new chapter in life.

What people say

“Amazing! Thank you for providing me with thought provoking and inspirational material I can apply to my life to experience more joy.”

Will speaks from experience and the heart. Material I have not covered before in other workshops – unique content that is very relevant to everyday life.

Enabled to me to remember how to appreciate life in a way I too easily and too often forget to do.

He is living proof on gratitude. Will’s energy is really uplifting. He practise what he preaches.

A wonderful experience that has opened my eyes and heart to abundant possibilities that I couldn’t see before.