I have recently noticed something rather exquisite about the experience of sharing in blogs or videos, and a long-held dream of a social enterprise that is manifesting through me. The more freely I share, the more liberated and fearless I feel. We might think that someone sharing vulnerably and authentically is already this way. Yet experience suggests it’s also true that what may appear as pre-existing qualities are an active and volitional part of the creative process. This might involve feeling the discomfort or resistance to sharing a particular view or experience – that the mind might think is too challenging or will portray me in an unfavourable light – and share it nonetheless. It is to walk to the edge of our comfort zone and step beyond it.

Being crystal clear on what is important to us is key here. I value truth, truth, truth. I do not really care what anyone thinks of me, though some aspects of that particular conditioning can occasionally be observed. I do not value fitting into any particular existing thought system or wisdom tradition. I do value seeing what new form of expression comes out of this bodyheartmind that has been deeply immersed in so many different philosophies, spiritualities, practices and sciences. These distinctions help me know that I must share it this way and that I will not allow conditioned mind to dilute what the heart wants to express.

In this process I discover deeper levels of authenticity and fearlessness. I encourage you to explore sharing what is true for you, uncensored, whether in your own creativity, or in your conversations with friends and colleagues. These times, and our hearts, call for a boldly courageous human being. Embodying this being is its own reward.


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