A good teacher can be priceless. Hanging out in presence, in open-hearted enquiry, at satsang or in the silence of retreat is essential for most as awakening has its way with us.

However, in the certainty of Life’s waking up to Itself through us, it is naive to imagine it would leave such unfolding to the week of retreat or our time with a teacher or indeed in the stillness of a forest. The closer we look the more startlingly obvious it becomes, that the whole of life, every single moment, each encounter, each pain, each trauma, every circumstance is but an elaborately orchestrated conspiracy for the limited identity to be seen through, and then to re-emerge, less limited through now being informed by the radical realization that I am that, and – if we allow the awakening to work its way from the head through the heart and into our whole being, that I am Love.

I know of no other way to catalyze unfolding than to approach EVERY SINGLE PHENOMENA, as an opportunity for expansion and awakening. Within this clarity we know that the really persistent stuff, the niggly pain over the heart that persists through decades of inner work, the relationship pattern that shows up again and again, the impossibly unreasonable colleague that shows up in diffferent forms at every workplace, is a MASTER TEACHER. How delightful life becomes when all diffficulty and disconnect is recognized to be but Love Itself, inviting the recognition, of Its presence. How sweet the day we see that the persistence of particular challenge or shadow, was but Love’s loving insistence, that we receive It’s presence here too! The victim dissolves into celebration that Love would be so thorough, so determined we settle for nothing less than the full realization of our perfectly whole realized unitive being, playing the game of me, apparently, for its own amusement.

Within the fullest nondual realization, that includes all form, all personal, that includes all as All…there can be Nothing but the One awakening to itself.

So may we be wise enough to surrender at the altar of this moment, worship the wonder of whatever teaching method life is currently employing and commit to seeing the lotus emerging from the mud, the glistening gold within the shit, at the earliest opportunity…which would be now?

What experience or circumstance of your own may now yield a diamond of Self-discovery?

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