What People Say

Will speaks from what is real and true. It is rare to find someone who’s words jump from being just words, to ringing bells that melt your heart.

Unmani Liza Hyde

Author and spiritual teacher

Will Pye is the real deal; a dharma teacher with chops!

Dr Rick Hanson

New York Times Best-selling Author, Teacher and Neuropsychologist.

Angela Howell

Speaker, Coach, Artist and Best-Selling Author

Will is an extraordinary teacher who weaves his extensive personal experience and wisdom into a deeply loving approach, facilitating self discovery and transformation. Will brings his students deeper into the mystery while remaining grounded in the present moment. He is both provocative and compassionate, helping his students open to their shadow and creating a safe space to explore these darker elements with great love and care.

Kristin Singer

Yoga Therapist and Mother

Will Pye embodies what it means to alchemize life’s hardships into soul growth that might even lead to radical gratitude. Operating from a deep well of loving kindness, acceptance of life’s uncertainties, stillness in the ground of being, and compassion for those who are suffering, Will offers an invitation into an expansive way of experiencing a human life, and he does so with such a gentleness and sensitivity that makes him a rare blessing to the world.

Lissa Rankin

MD, New York Times Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute

In 10 years with Cornucopia Consultancy Will was promoted numerous times and held key positions as a senior manager, business owner and specialist coach. Will was exceptional in all these roles achieving great success through his leadership and helping people believe in themselves and see what is possible. He has a gift that inspires people to their next level of growth, enabling outstanding results.

Ross Howe

Managing Director, Cornucopia Consultancy Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia

Will is a man of true depth. He has a clarity of perception, of the truth of things, that is rare even in the wisdom space – and so can offer real help to individuals and leaders that want to go beyond mere words and find their truth.

Nick Seneca Jankel

Author, International Keynote Speaker & CEO Switch On Group, Lewes, UK

Will Pye is one of those relatively rare humble and authentic non-dual teachers that can engage and inspire a group to its transformative benefit. I personally love his self-undoing message of gratitude no matter what. The light of unreservedly allowing Life is brilliant.

Don Oakley

Founder and Managing Director of Well Being Conference Center, Tazewell, TN, USA

Will Pye is a gift. His presence is open, clear, and compassionate. He radiates Light. He sees and understands life in an extraordinary way and is gifted in supporting others to do the same. He invites clarity and truth, and, as your coach, he will help you to do the same.

Alan Seale

Director of The Center for Transformational Presence, Author of Create A World That Works and Intuitive Living, Boston, MA, USA

Coaching Clients

When I initially met Will, he came into my life at exactly the right time. His message and his story was something that I needed to hear at the time, and helped me to shift my perspective during a time of transition and uncertainty. His words and his work were of immense comfort to me when my father died suddenly several months later. The following year, he came back to town and I heard him speak again, and I decided that I definitely wanted to work with him on a one-on-one basis as a coaching client.

Choosing his coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I started off our work feeling pretty despondent, having not only lost my dad but had been experiencing what felt like blow after blow, to the point where I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to continue choosing life. Will’s unwavering presence, unconditional acceptance, knowledge and humour were a saving grace to me during one of the darkest periods of my life. He helped me to gain clarity where the was none, bring love to areas of myself where I had none, and he brought light, hope and laughter into our work. During a time in my life where I felt the most alone, he helped me to feel so much less so, and every session brought relief and the feeling of being seen for who I truly was. Each of our sessions left me feeling more at peace than I had been previously. I am forever grateful to him and the gift he brings to the world.

Will has experienced the full spectrum of life on both the worldly and the spiritual levels, so I don’t think there’s anything he can’t speak to. He could do anything or be anyone, and he chooses to be of service, to bear witness to the best of what it means to be human, and to embody love and truth. I would recommend him and his work to anyone, in any circumstance. Thank you Will.

Christina Nielsen

Writer, San Jose, CA, USA

I am a complementary therapist with my own business and spend much of my time facilitating others. Though passionate about learning, I am choosy about who I confide in. Because I want a safe pair of hands to hold space whilst I ‘dive in’ and a trustworthy and wise person to guide me, I chose a six months coaching program with Will. It’s exciting and a bit scary as I knew he would challenge me where needed. A month in and the client base at my therapeutic practice, and subsequent income, has already increased. However, I cannot put a figure on the contribution to my personal journey which I consider to be priceless.

Elizabeth Carter

Entrepreneur and Complimentary Therapist, Yorkshire, UK

Will has a gift. In his presence I am witnessed in my truest, most beautiful light. Just as I am, yet transformed by connecting. At this time of perceived fear and terror in the world, Will’s guidance has been my antidote.

Sinead Myerscough

Performance Coach, Hertfordshire, UK

Will is unlike any coach or teacher I’ve had. Working with him does not feel like coaching. It feels like an easy (yet powerfully insightful) conversation. Will guides the conversation to allow YOU to make the breakthroughs. He says just the right things and asks just the right questions to pierce the “issue” at hand. At the core of his teaching is love; working with him has proven this to be so. I have gained a deeper understanding and practical application to experience more love in my life… for myself and others.

Elizabeth Jackson

Documentary Filmmaker, San Francisco, CA, USA

Will’s coaching has been of great value over the last several months. His deep listening, peace and clarity support your own inner connection…and he will call you out with fierce love when you make excuses or stray from your truth! He has a way of identifying the heart of the issue and lead you to the breakthrough in your inner process that leads to real-world results – in one memorable instance a shift in my view of self and work empowered a dramatic improvement in my sales figures the following week. I highly recommend working with Will.

Ms D Farhi

Divisional Director, London, UK

Will is an amazing inspiration. I have been on a similar brain journey and found him while I was in hospital. I looked for people to give joy about my diagnosis and into my life came Will Pye. His looking into his brain tumor as a gift encouraged me to find wonder and gratitude. Will walks the walk! Anything he believes in he shows up 100%. Our Skype sessions are very meaningful and uplifting, helping me continue to find light in whatever shadow presents itself and challenging me to color outside the lines.

Gabrielle Olko

Healer, Musician, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I have been speaking with Will for the best part of a year now and our work together has just concluded. As I reflect on the previous year, I see it as one of growth and vast transformation more so than any other year of my life. I feel strongly that it would not have worked out like that were it not for Will’s help and guidance. Will has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking and living, simply by how I choose to view thoughts and emotions when they arise, using techniques that are easy to grasp and can be adopted by anyone.

Tom Madderson

Sales Executive, UK

On the journey of awakening and self inquiry, there are few people I would trust more than Will. He brings warmth and a sense of humour into every session. As well as the gift of awakened presence offered, he is able to weave years of knowledge and skills flexibly into his working with you. He is adaptive, intelligent, responsive and gets straight to the heart of the matter. I would highly recommend sessions with Will.

Steve Mallinson

Holistic Therapist, UK

Working with Will I became able to look at situations that had been causing me distress in a new light. This enabled me to harness the power within that I previously had been unable to tap and to find the inner stillness I had been looking for.

Liam C

Managing Director, Australia

I came to Will with despair and fear. After working together I felt a continued sense of solidity and togetherness. I do not know whether the fear and despair would ever come back but if it does, I know that I only need to get in touch with the spaciousness, warmth and stillness that I felt in Will’s presence.


New York, NY, USA